Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas Time Is Here (Though it is almost 80 here)

Hi again,

Paper Crafts Magazine is having an online contest on gift wrapping. I am not that big of a wrapper normally....I have finally been able to get my gifts wrapped well enough for my sister not to believe that I have done it. LOL

However, I thought I would try this contest. Especially since this year we are giving away mostly gift cards. It is getting harder and harder to find gifts for family. Even Sheld & I have a really hard time buying each other gifts. We usually just pick them out ourselves.

Here are two of the gift boxes I have completed. One has a bit of ribbon, flowers and bling. The other one is a little more out there...with buttons, glitter, ribbon and snowflakes. :)

I also made a bow out of cupcake liners...but that isn't ready to be seen yet. I did that for my nephew is with Scooby Doo liners.

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babyjsmom said...

I love your packaging ideas. Great job and that snowflake is beautiful.