Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Do Kitties & Cards Mix???

I sure think so. :) I actually made this card a couple of days ago....and of course took these pictures right after. I read on someone's blog that they take 45-1 hour to photograph/edit/write up their blog piece per card. Yikes that is a long time....but maybe that is why he has more hits on his blog than I do. LOL

I was using my new set by SU....I am always a little late on the band wagon. But I have always loved all the cards made with this set. One of my problems is that I don't want to make cards that everyone else has already made....on Split Coast Stampers this set called Fab Flowers has over 41 pages of cards. The Here Kitty Kitty set I used the other day has only 4. So I guess you can tell which one everyone has and uses.

However...who can resist a card with a kitty wanting his photo too. Batman jumped up and decided he was going to join in the fun. :)

Have a great day!!! I have to get ready for my accounting test. :)


Dana said...

I too love this stamp set, but I don't own it yet! I think you did a fabulous job at making it seem "new", and not using the same old LO.
Love Batman's leg in there too!

Thanks for visiting my blog, I will add you to my blogroll!

krittertrey said...

Yes cats and crafting go together. Animals are great. My cats like to sit on whatever I am doing. Traci-WAR EAGLE

Jeans inky hugs said...

I have that same problem with my cat's.

They love to sit in the middle of my cardmaking or Stand where I can't take picture of my card.

They are all just a bunch of Hams.

PS: I Love your card It's GREAT!!

Lee said...

I love it Jen!! My kitties love to jump into the Photo Light Box when it's picture time too!! I love your card....just beautiful!! I don't have that set....I'm usually late on the bandwagon also....I get too distracted with other things like House Mouse and Gina K.!!! :)

Oh.....I totally forgot to post this last time, but you asked about chemo angels....check out the site.... and thanks so much for asking!! Also for your comments on my blog...they really make my day!!

Heather said...

I read the title, look att eh card and wonder what the heck it has to do with a cat until I scrolled down. What a riot! Children do similar ;)

I really like your card.

punknscrap said...

Great card Jen. My cat Laggies is getting far to old to jump in pics but I sure bet he would if he could. I hhave seen this set used alot, we can't get it here yet. In a way it is kinda cool that all the sets we have are retired over there coz I am always getting comments about how sad people are that certain sets are retired.

Deb said...

Gorgeous card Jennie, and funny Batman. Take his pic, he wants to be a star!!

adrienneleigh said...

this is so funny... my little kitty figaro does this all the time :) love your cards!