Monday, January 7, 2008

First Day of School

I feel like a kid again. Well almost! Today is the first day of classes and since I am taking 2 online classes I don't actually get to go to class. However, I have spent the last couple of hours reading the syllabuses and figuring out what to do.

I am taking accounting and social work. Two totally different classes but they work for me. This semester will help me decide which direction to finish my degree in. Since Sheldon is probably graduating (or at least finishing) by December 2008. I will not be applying to UGA. I will wait and finish my classes when we move. It is especially important because you need to have so many of your classes at a particular school to graduate.

I had a job interview today. It was for a parttime accounting position. I have done accounting related work before but always with other duties. So this would be a good experience for me if I receive it. Please keep your fingers crossed for me.

Today, has not been a crafting day! However, tomorrow is a new day and after getting some projects done I might get a chance to create. On the other hand, today was an excellent mail day. I received two altered dominos from the domino toss that I am in. My SU order came and I received my order of retired SU stamps. Next, I received a thank you package from someone I sent some images to. Lastly, I received a great set of ATC's for a swap that I am hosting.

Now it is time to go eat. :) Have a great night! Or day!

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GiftsByHeidi said...

Hope your interview went well & your first day back to school! Hope you get to craft some today!