Saturday, August 23, 2008

Baby Update & Other Stuff


Sheldon once again told me that it has been awhile since we have (I) updated the blog. We were out of town last week visiting my mom, Sheldon was analyzing his samples from Tunisia and I went to CKC--Charlotte.

First off, it is always a wonderful thing to visit my mom and stepdad. I love that Sheldon has to go to NC to get his samples analyzed. My mom spoils me. I guess being pregnant and not very mobile helps a lot. But it is nice. For awhile there it was every few months that we saw each other...lately it has been every month. Plus she is going to help us when the baby comes along.

Secondly, Sheldon is very excited. He is finally able to start writing his paper as his analyzes have been working out. So after work he takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to work on it. And I am leaving him alone. Which is very good...because once the baby gets might not be that easy.

Thirdly, I had a fantastic time at the convention. I had never been to one before and I had the best roommate and class pal. GiftsbyHeidi. I was a bit nervous as we didn't know each other super well before going it felt like I have known her forever. Poor Heidi though, I couldn't walk very well....and she is from the DC area. Plus, we were ablet o visit with two of our other online buddies---Gayle & Lisa. I still have to finish my projects....I finished some the other night. But I haven't been super motivated. Heidi can really book though.

Since coming home, I had to take the second Gestational Diabetes test....I failed the first one by 9 points....So Thursday I had to go and take the 3 hour. Luckily, I passed. So that is good news. Next tuesday, we have our 28 week Ultrasound. This should be very fun.

On the crafting note, here is a picture of my weekly challenge card. It was supposed to be Halloween with non-traditional colors.

And finally, today Sheld & I went and registered at Target. My mom is hosting an online baby shower for us and told us...REGISTER. So while there, I found this cute onsie with an owl on it. (We have decided that Athena the Godess of Wisdom is Abigail's guardian angel....we saw an owl out hiking, the other day driving home from my mom's, then when we went to the doctor's we did a u-turn on Athena Drive. So if that isn't a sign...I am not sure what is. So we decided to dress up Batman in the outfit. I was quite amazed at how well he took it. Doesn't he look cute?


GiftsByHeidi said...

I love your card, that is so cute! Batman looks a little scared!

charlene said...

halloween card is too cute...but not cuter than the kitty! Hang in there, you're more than halfway thru the pregnancy. Glad to hear your 2nd test went well...take care!

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Oh you guys are sooo fun!!!! Batman is just hilarious!! He does not look our cats often give us that same look!! LOL

What a great non-traditional card! That sentiment is so funny!!! You just keep resting and taking care of you and Abigail!! 28're gettin' there!!!

Annette said...

What, no picture of Sheldon with Oreo in the baby sling? hee hee My BF carries his cat Boo around all over and massages his feet, he says the cat loves it! Our men, you gotta love them!
I always love to visit your blog!
So happy things are going well with the pregnancy. You guys must be getting so excited!

Sara Peatross said...

Your card is darling. I'm envious that you got to go to CKC!

Deb said...

I totally love your card, it's too cute and Batman looks adorable, even if he doesn't look too thrilled. Bet he's hoping that Abigail (such a pretty name) gets here soon.

Bee said...

LOL at Batman in the onesie! :-D