Friday, September 26, 2008

Baby Shower

My mom wanted to host a baby shower for me. With all of our friends and family living so far away we decided to do an online shower. Sheldon & I hadn't planned on registering anywhere but my mom said we had to. LOL I am 35 and my mom still tells me what to do.

So a few weeks ago, Sheldon and I registered at Target. It turned out more fun than I thought. And yesterday and today we received our first gifts. It is pretty exciting to come home and find something waiting for you. Thank you. :)

Luckily for sister has already sent me my thank you cards. So I will be able to send those out as gifts come in. I really do wish that I was able to be with everyone during this time as seeing people I care about is more important than all the gifts.


Heather the Mooselover said...

I was 32 when I had my daughter (my 1 and only). My husband and I had moved cross country the year before and my mom insisted that I register too. I didn't- I wanted gift cards so I could shop myself. Sigh- your mom is excited... big hugs- I know how you feel!

So we registered for a minimal amount of items. Some people bought them for us- but most gave us money so they wouldn't have to ship a gift. In a few cases we found other stuff we liked better than what we registered for and most of the time we were able to exchange it for store credit (which we used later when the baby needed bigger/ toddler stuff.)

Deb said...

If I ever get out of the house I'll have to check this out!! Hope you have a wonderful showering of gifts for baby and love!! Hugs!

Bee said...

It is fun to get ready for baby! :-) the other day I bought some little hats, socks and onesies on sale and it made me all giddy inside!♥
It is hard though to be far from everyone... :-(