Monday, June 1, 2009

Sew Easy....

Maybe that isn't quite true. I figured this was a pattern I could try and make for myself. It is cute on the but not quite so on. I found an online tutorial...I will have to find the link later. It is very similar to pillowcase dresses for girls. I love though that she gave a really detailed description on how to plan out your template so it is customized.

I used a knit...which isn't super easy to sew. Plus my arms aren't in shape for this look. But I figured I would try it. Step by step...inch by inch. Soon I will be a better sewer. (I keep telling myself that.)

I used some premade binding for the sides and strap...I might use some on the bottom hem. But since I am not going to wear it outside and it is knit I might just leave it unhemmed.

Thanks for looking....


Jen said...

I have to tell you Jennie, I have had many of these and they usually find themselves unfinished in a bag! lol My funniest one was some Halloween Costumes I made, My Raggedy Ann turned out great, But my DH Raggedy Andy was one piece and I didn't account for how long he was from crotch to shoulder, the funniest part was not realizing that until he tired it on! Love, the stuff you've been making, it makes me think about pulling out the sewing machine and finishing up some quilts I've started! lol

rubberstampinzone said...

I think it's terrific and I love the two yellows. I wish I could sew. keep it up and you'll be a famous designer one day!

You look pretty in yellow! I cannot wear that color at all! it's a scary site on me : )

Have a great day !