Friday, June 5, 2009


Well...I made a decent skirt. Now I have ruined it. :) I accidentially cut it with my scissors yesterday when I was cutting some fabric. So I am going to add some fabric tomorrow and create a new hem on it.

To go with it...I used some of the same fabric to make a reversible purse. It was fun and a bit hard as it took me 3 or 4 tries to figure out what I needed to do to make it reversible. I finally did it. It isn't perfect but I think it turned out cute.

Tomorrow, a couple of the fabric stores has patterns on sale...I might take a peek...especially since I am not a skinny minny, none of the larger sizes are in the economy packs.

What else. Abby has a new summer hat. She looks adorable. She now knows the sound of the camera and stops what she is doing to pose.

Lastly, here is the other project I worked on yesterday. Homemade pretzels. They are yummy. Also, since Abby is eating more solids I have been making my own. We started off with some baked sweet potatoes. Then a banana, and the last couple of days she has been eating homemade applesauce. It hasn't been too hard as I am also trying to use the crock pot for stuff. Tomorrow, I am going to cook up some butternut squash.

Have a great day...

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Annette said...

Your purse is so cute! Abby is going to be wearing the cutest outfits that her mommy makes for her. My mom sewed alot of our dresses when we were growing up. I didn't appreciate them as a kid but once I got older and learned how to sew and saw all the time it took just to make one item I had a whole new outlook on it. Did you make the pretzels - they look so Yummy!