Saturday, January 26, 2008

Fun Cards

Hi, Today was a boring day. Sheldon has been put on a bland diet....I guess he decided to bring back some not fun bugs from Tunisia. The doctors first gave him some antiboitics...and they worked for a bit. But now he has been put on a clear liquid diet for 24-36 hours and then he will be on the BRAT diet (Bannanas, Rice, Apples & Toast). I wasn't very nice. I made myself a roast beef sandwich yesterday. It was yummy. And he looked very pitiful eating his vegetable broth.

We had a lazy day....we watched Sponge Bob and napped. LOL Tonight is more productive. I hate being a night owl. I can stay up to 2-3 and get tons done...but during the day I can be a slug.

Here is a card that I have made. From the cat Birthday Card.


Lee said...

I love it!! I really like that green and how it POPS with the black bg!!! And such a cute little kitty with the pom pom!!!

GiftsByHeidi said...

Hi Jennie, I am the same way. My most productive moments seem to be late at night/very early in the AM! It's awful to have to work the next day!

Carolyn King said...

This is adorable. Great colors and FUN pom pom on his hat.

I am a night owl too..i have learned not to fight is nature!

Fabrizio said...

This is such a pretty card, I like the use of the cuttlebug folder with a very bright lime...the contrast with the black cardstock is so effective ! I love it !